Understanding the Difference between a Real Estate Consultant and Lawyer

Are you planning to buy a house? If you are going to ask a realtor whether to hire a real estate agent or a Lawyer then you would be probably suggested to hire an agent. If you ask the same question from a lawyer - lawyer vs. real estate consultant the lawyer will suggest you about hiring a Lawyer. No Doubt each Profession has its advocates, but the best option is to choose a Real estate consultant.

An attorney might not know about preparing a comparative marketing analysis, drawing a real estate contract or anything else regarding the listing agent nor the profession of real estate, negotiating for repairs or another related task that a real estate consultant can perform but it is also important to remember that the real estate consultant could not provide you legal advice and they can't manage about answering the legal question even if they know the answer.

Most of the real estate consultants can't even differentiate between real estate and a legal Question. Real estate agents normally take the commission, not salary. After the transaction is complete, the agents get their part - usually about 5% of the sales price. Lawyers usually charge hourly or have flat fees for services like developing real estate closing documents.

You can hire an attorney from law firms for specific tasks, such as reviewing a document or filling a legal question. It is not that the real estate consultant does not want to support you, but the truth is that they can't give legal advice. Further, in the case of violating the law and expressing a legal opinion, a buyer could not rely on a real estate consultant. A Lawyer typically requires a few hundred dollars hourly so we can consider A real estate consultation is a much better option to manage the Home selling Project.